SolarScope Standard / Education

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Delivery Time: approx. 2-3 workdays
  • fast and simple alignment for solar observation
  • easy to use
  • an excellent instructional measuring instrument
  • suitable for group solar observations

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Product Description

solarscope-logoFor safe solar observation.
Alone or in groups.
An excellent instructional measuring instrument

solarscope_03The Solarscope projects (similar to the principal of the solar procection screen) an image of the sun of approx.115 mm diameter on a white screen. The projecting optics has an aperture of 40mm and an equivalent focal length of 13m. With the Solar Scope (Standard version) you can observe

  • sun spots,
  • solar flares,
  • limb darkening of the sun,
  • partial solar eclipses and
  • transits of Mercury and Venus

The Solarscope is very simple to align, robust and easy to use.

Das Solarscope (Standard / Education) besteht aus folgenden Materialien:

  • basis and upper rotary parts: color printed labeled cardboard,
  • lens and mirror: glass,
  • mechanical mounts: plastic (ABS) and aluminium
  • image quality better than one lambda (wavefront)
  • Measurements: approx. 60 x 45 x 38cm (Model Education), approx. 47 x 36 x 30cm (Standard)
  • weight: approx. 1.3kg.

Set Solarscope facing the sun (1), tilt in order to suppress the shadow of the tube (2), watch where the beam is hitting the mount of the mirror (3), tilt solarscope in order to get the beam hitting the mirror (4) clear the image turning the knob of the mirror (5)

Only in the educational version (Education) of the Solarscope, the following measurements/experiments can be made:

  • earth rotation speed
  • day duration
  • true local noon
  • earth poles axis inclination
  • sun rotation speed
  • latitude of the observation spot
  • earth orbit ellipticity
  • astronomical unit (AU)

To allow these experiments, only the educational version (Education) is supplied with a measurement screen, a plumplin (small weight) and a workshop instruction manual. In addition the side of the Solarscope is printed with a large angular scale.

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