Safety Warning –
how to protect your eyes

Important hints for visual safety.
Never watch the sun without protection.
Please read before use!

Solar Observation with Solar Viewers or telescopes

Avoid absolutely all forms of unprotected solar viewing! Your eyes could suffer irreparable damage. Smoked glass, darkened film negatives, CDs or doubled sunglasses do not offer sufficient protection, even at sunrise or sunset.

AstroSolar™ Safety Film reduces the intensity of incident sunlight by a factor of over 100,000. According to current medical research, the filter (when properly used) provides complete protection against thermal damage to the retina (photocoagulation).

Under certain circumstances, any intense source of light (e.g. spotlight, laser beam, welding arc, the sun) can trigger so-called photo-toxic processes in the eye. In extreme cases, such reactions can have an additive effect over time, leading to deterioration of the vision.

Please note: This filter provides protection against solar radiation similar to that offered by welding glasses. However, as long as it is not absolutely certain that even welders glasses completely hinder phototoxic reactions, the same reservations must apply to this solar filter.

Therefore, exercise your own best judgment when using this product.

Although we have never heard of a single case of eye damage in 10 years of sales of this product to thousands of telescope users, and knowing that welders ply their trade for years, while the solar filter’s use can be measured in minutes, we believe it appropriate to inform you of the current state of scientific knowledge.

In any case, it is advisable to interrupt solar observation occasionally and look at other objects. If you have any doubts at all, especially in cases of known excessive eye sensitivity, consult your ophthalmologist or optician.

Do not use any solar observing product if you do not feel well informed about possible hazards and the consequenses of wrong handling.

Solar products are not intended for those under 14 years of age.

Never leave your Solar Telescope outside unattended to prevent children or uninformed visitors from looking at the sun without proper guidance!


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