Differences in AstroSolar® Solar Films

We produce three different kinds of Baader AstroSolar® Solar filter films and additionally Baader TurboFilm™ for protecting your optics In the following we explain the differences in using these filters.  For information about the optical and technical properties of the telescope films (AstroSolar® Safety Film and AstroSolar® Photo Film) turn to the section: general technical information […]


Interferometric Protocoll

Laserinterferometric Wavefront Test with Baader Astro Films The following stringent test has been performed by an independent optical Institute in Germany which tests amateur telescope optics. 1. Test Method In order to simulate a telescope in the test arrangement, the uncoated films were mounted between two reference optical windows of highest accurracy and measured in […]


AstroSolar® Technical Information

patented Baader AstroSolar® Safety Film The below information are valid for all three AstroSolar® Films as well as Baader TurboFilm™ (TurboFilm™ solely serves to protect your optics and is not suited for Solar observation/photography): Optical quality: This highest precision film consistently produces strehl ratios of 94 to 96 percent at interferometric tests – thus it […]