Partial Solar Eclipse in Europe, October 2022

Every now and then, the moon moves in front of the sun and we experience a solar eclipse. In Europe, we will have to wait until August 12th, 2026 for the next total solar eclipse. It will be visible as a total solar eclipse e.g. from Spain, while the sun will remain only partially eclipsed from Germany.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait that long for the next partial solar eclipse: In the midday hours of October 25th this year, the moon will eclipse a third of the sun’s disc. Observers in the north-east of the German-speaking region will have somewhat more of it than those in the south-west: on the island of Rügen, as much as 35% of the sun will be covered, in Switzerland only about 15%. At 82%, the greatest occultation will be seen from western Siberia.


The partial solar eclipse from June 10th, 2021 | © A.Kerste

In contrast to a total solar eclipse, where everyone waits anxiously for few minutes of totality, a partial solar eclipse is a rather relaxed event – over the course of (this time) about two hours, you can watch the moon move along in front of the sun.

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