Supplementary safety instructions to ISO 12312-2




Baader Solar Viewer AstroSolar® Silver/Gold are CE-tested and certified by DIN CERTCO to the following standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 12312-2:2015-11: Filters for direct observation of the sun.
  • EU 425/2016: Regulation on personal protective equipment (PPE).

The following safety instructions must be observed when handling Baader Solar Viewers:

  • Never look at the sun without adequate eye protection, permanent eye-damage may occur
  • This high quality Solar Viewer was produced and tested in conformity with all relevant safety regulations and norms for personal safety
  • It enables you to look directly at the sun without danger when used correctly
  • Before use check if this Solar Viewer is in perfect condition. Do not use if damaged; destroy it
  • Ensure a correct fit of the Solar Viewer, so that direct solar radiation cannot reach your eyes unfiltered
  • Do not use in combination with other optical instruments (binoculars, telescopes, camera)
  • This product is not a toy and children wearing this Solar Viewer should be closely supervised by their parents.
  • Limit any continuous use to a maximum of 3 minutes.
  • If you suffer or have suffered from an eye disease, only use the Solar Viewer after consultation with your opthalmologist

Instructions for use and storage::

  • Do not move around when using solar viewers
  • Store glasses with utmost care in a dry and airtight container – or dispose of after use
  • Do not store glasses together with rough or sharp objects to prevent damage
  • Recommended storage time: up to 10 years after first use, or even longer after inspection

Technical Specifications:

  • Solar Viewers AstroSolar® films have an optical density of at least 5.0
  • This reduces sunlight intensity by 99.999% (factor of 1:100,000) to a safe value of 0.0001% of sunlight
  • No dangerous UV or IR radiation reaches the eye
    Made in Germany

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