Camera Obscura for observing a solar eclipse

Build with your children a “CAMERA OBSCURA” (a lensless lens) cut a rough rectangle in the format ca 40cm x 40cm (~ 16″ x 16″) from a cardboard (e.g. part of a shipping box) – accuracy is NOT required Approximately in the middle of the cardboard (or the carton piece) please cut a hole with […]


How to make an inexpensive filter cell

Please also note our detailed instruction manual with images for every step: How to make your own objective solar filter for your camera or telescope  –>   The film must be mounted flat and free of any tension – Only this will provide first class Solar images. The quality of this patent pending material is so […]

Constructing a Solar Filter for Binoculars

Constructing a solar filter for binoculars

  If you’ve ever wanted a truly grab and go instrument for solar observation, this filter is for you. All you need is a small sheet of Baader AstroSolar® Film and a few other odds & ends and you are on your way.   You will need: A sheet of Baader AstroSolar® Film – the […]