Thruster Jet prominence in calcium light

An emerging jet, thrust itself from the solar limb resembling the afterburner torch flame of a fighter jet engine. Captured in calcium light at prime focus without a barlow. 3 second long, 250 frame video durations captured at 0 second intervals. Rejected 90% frames, and stacked best 10 frames per video segment. 308 total frames […]


Solar limb detachment in calcium

A solar limb detachment is very rarely captured by amateurs in calcium light. I recorded 2 second durations, with zero second delays. This is 176 frames total. A celestron luminos 2.5x barlow was used with a skybender optical tilt mechanism and a 0.5 angstrom calcium k3 core filter system that i designed. What you see […]


ISS Solar-Transit Animation

ISS Transit in front of the sun, taken by Team Baader in Bavaria, Germany. Animation in real time, the ISS crossed the sun in approx. 0.6 seconds. To see the transit we had to find the middle of a narrow band of only 5km on the earth, which we managed by calculating with the software […]