Baader Solar Filter Finder

To help you find the right solar filter for your observation device, we developed a tool which automatically selects the correct Baader Solar Filter for your instrument. Simply click on the image below and the tool will open in a popup-window (you maybe have to make an exception for in your spamblocker):

Baader Solar Filter Finder Tool

Baader Solar Filter Finder

On the startpage of our tool you can select your instrument out of the list of known models. The correct Baader Solar Filter will automatically be displayed. At the moment the list is filled mostly with Celestron instruments. If you have an instrument of another brand or a selfmade-device, please click on the blue button “Your observation device is not here?“. This will open a custom field where you can enter your telescope data. The small “Info-Buttons” will guide you in case of any questions. After entering your telescope data, the correct filter will be displayed. Your device-data will be stored without personal reference and added to the standard select list after it has been reviewed by an administrator.

We hope that this tool helps many customers who were uncertain which Baader Solar Filter is the correct one for their device. We welcome your feedback and suggestions! You can still download the overview of all Baader Solar filters in the PDF Clamping range of Baader Solar Filters (inner / outer) v2.0 (10696 downloads )


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