NOW AVAILABLE: Baader Solar Filter

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The Baader Solar Filter Product Family

Baader Solar Filter – the Standard

After 15 years of offering AstroSolar® film sheets as DIY-product, this system of Baader Solar Filters™ is designed to retain the true optical quality of the diffraction limited AstroSolar® Safety Film.

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Baader Solar Filter Features

Baader Solar Filters provide a professional and secure solution to observe and image the Sun using AstroSolar® Safety Film. Many ready made filters do stretch the filter material like a drumhead in order to make it look like a piece of glass – this absolutely does destroy the image quality, rendering the film useless for high magnification work. AstroSolar® must be mounted entirely stress free in order to perform like a high precision planeoptical window. It sounds like a contradiction with traditional perception of quality, but AstroSolar must show slight ripples! Only when the film is being put under stress by an improper cell mount it performs just like any single side coated glass-filter made of untreated floatglass.

Baader Solar Filters are NOW available!

Baader Solar Filters in various version. Shipping begins!

Baader Solar Filters in various version. Shipping begins!

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