Massive limb eruption in calcium light

On the morning of 10-26-2021 at 10:50am Chicago Time, Active region 2891 unleashed several powerful mass ejections. The video shows just one of these events captured at the wavelength 393.37nm which represents ionized Calcium plasma. A celestron luminos 2.5x barlow was used to extend the focal length to approximately 3000mm. This plasma cloud billowed out to more than 500,000 kilometers of distance in just 15 minutes of time. The video is a 10 minute partial capture of real time, and the cloud continued to blow away far out of the camera field of view for 12 extra minutes after the camera stopped recording.

Apollo Lasky
Skybender 0.5 angstrom calcium system
explore scientific 127mm x 1200mm with celestron luminos 2.5x barlow
Skybender 0.5 angstrom 393.37nm
basler aca3088-57um
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